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Ecosystem of Tools to
Engage, Educate + Connect with Workers

An Ecosystem of Tools Designed
for Each Stakeholders Distinct Needs 

One App for Workers

To Connect, Learn, Engage + Report


Chat with, Report to, Suggest to + Ask Management Directly.

Access Human Resource Tools Like Pay-slips.

Human Resource Tools

Send Newsletters, Pay-slips, Gather Feedback, Case Manage + Respond to Workers Directly to Remediate.

One Platform for Suppliers

To Engage + Connect with Workers. 

Track Trends + Get Automated Improvement Plans.

One Dashboard for Buyers

To Collect Data, Track Trends + Report Outcomes


Ensure All workers in Your Supply Chain Have Equal Access to Key Information About Rights, Safety + More. 

Supplier-Owned Solutions to
Manage Social Risks in Supply Chains

Worker Surveys: Designed for Complex Value Chains

Industry-Tested Questions Designed to Engage Workers + Produce Actionable Data.

WOVO’s Platform Allows for Complex, Modular Survey Design + Deployment.

Reporting that Focuses on Systematic Improvements

3 Poweful Datapoints


Would workers recommend the workplace to others?


Do workers feel their concerns are heard?


Do workers & facility managers know their rights + responsibilities?

Clear, comparable global metrics across facilities

Aggregated, sortable data sets by time + location

Traceable, real-time data

Automated Plans to Change at Scale

Automated Improvement Plans Provide Facilities with Tools They Need to Make Sustainable Change

Remediation or improvement plans based on results;

  • A checklist of to-dos

  • Access to resources + additional tools

  • Specific eLearning courses

  • Access to global advisory team with diverse set of experiences

Industry Leading Implementation Support to Ensure Success

A global dedicated project manager to ensure program success+ local client advisor to support suppliers

Our team speaks over 22 languages + are located globally

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Our Latest Works in Value Chain Social Sustainability

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