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Welcoming Laurence Sommers

Laurence Sommers

We are pleased to announce that Laurence (Elle) Sommers has joined the Labor Solutions’ team as a Principal Advisor.

In this new role, Ms. Sommers is charged with working on special projects with key clients to optimize success.

Ms. Sommers new position focuses on actualizing the Labor Solutions’ principle of maximizing impact by ensure we support the development of social eco-systems through capacity building and care. “We love that Elle has worked across our industry. We are excited about the creativity and expertise she’ll bring to this role,” said Labor Solutions’ CEO, Elena Fanjul-Debnam.

Ms. Sommers brings over a decade of hands-on experience building global responsible sourcing, compliance and sustainability programs for corporate and non-profit organizations. Ms. Sommers’ passion for labor rights comes from her parents, whose careers improved the conditions of diverse workforce from her hometown in Montreal, Canada. First attracted by the pace of the business world, she initially evolved in global sourcing and procurement for retailers, before finding her way back to her roots and joining the sustainability side of the fashion industry in 2010. During the last 10 years auditing hundreds of factories and empowering her teams to scale program operations and innovate, she lived in Canada, China and now California, served different committee roles in multi-stakeholder initiatives, and always pushed for more transparency in the industry.

“What I loved when I encountered Labor Solutions was how aligned with the values of transparency and empowerment the tools and services are. I could not be more excited to engage with my peers in the industry, to address the complex needs of workers in multi-stakeholder environments” said Ms. Sommers.

Founded in 2013, Labor Solutions leverages technology and data to improve the lives of workers. Our tools and services are created using user-centric & inclusive design to engage and connect with the entire value chain of stakeholders. We foster social infrastructures to support sustainable and valuable change in workplaces.

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