Vijay Kulkarni Joins the Labor Solutions Team

We are pleased to announce that Vijay Kulkarni has joined the Labor Solutions’ team as the Head of Technology + Development.

Mr. Kulkarni

Mr. Kulkarni comes with more than a decade of experience working in tech-startups, building highly functional teams and developing multiple stacks. His career has been punctuated with published works, conference demonstrations and patents. Mr. Kulkarni also brings in an experience in liaising with C-suite executives, leading the development activities and leading new product initiatives in organizations of various sizes.

Over the past few years Mr. Kulkarni has been an active member of the Free and Open-Source Community at Bangalore teaching students and teachers how to adopt to FOSS, as he believes in an ecosystem that gives equitable access to technology. Mr. Kulkarni is passionate about teaching, lecturing on subjects like Programming, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning and Game Theory.

Mr. Kulkarni joins the Labor Solutions team at a critical point of growth. “As we expand product lines, and into new markets, strong tech leadership is essential for our growth. We love that Vijay is a teacher. Our team is always hungry to learn more and have already welcomed Vijay with open arms,” said Labor Solutions’ CEO, Elena Fanjul-Debnam.

Labor Solutions’ mission was key to Mr. Kulkarni’s decision to join the team, “I am excited to join Labor Solutions because I really loved the idea of leveraging and exploring technology to address the challenges which workers face at their workplace and bring in transparency and not only create a better work experience but also empower them,” said Mr. Kulkarni.


Founded in 2013, Labor Solutions leverages technology and data to improve the lives of workers. Our tools and services are created using user-centric & inclusive design to engage and connect with the entire value chain of stakeholders. We foster social infrastructures to support sustainable and valuable change in workplaces.