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A More Inclusive + Accessible eLearning Platform for Worker

Labor Solutions’ updated user interface better serves illiterate workers, offers a new web-based learning portal and ensures those who access it via smartphone, don’t waste data or memory.

In an update to the eLearning platform, Labor Solutions introduces new characters, LASO & Friends to help engage workers, while ensuring that courses are scalable and can be accessed using limited mobile data. Labor Solutions has also launched a web-based portal for eLearning, allowing those without smartphones to use shared devices to access content.

LASO & Friends are culturally inclusive characters with different personalities, expressions and interactivity. The characters deliver information through a dialogue-based approach to explain various concepts, highlight important topics and share helpful tips to workers.

eLearning Platform

Despite growing smart phone penetration rates, even amongst illiterate workers, access to data continues to be a challenge for our users. Updating the WOVO design to better serve our growing user-base has been driven by user-research and understanding how illiterate populations engage with technology and focusing on essential components. "We have added design elements that build a user’s confidence through orientation, journey simplification and encouraging exploration, while being inclusive for users of different and developing levels of literacy. Research shows these changes are more effective than defaulting to complete video guidance and use much less data,” said Labor Solutions' Director of Innovation, Lordiclaire Suriawinata.

Leading eLearning research has demonstrated animated eLearning characters help explain complex ideas, build an emotional connection with learners and create a sense of cohesiveness. The use of characters also helps boost knowledge retention and stimulates a positive and supporting learning environment.

Our animated and interactive eLearning are packaged into SCORM files, which in comparison to live-action videos, not only use 10 times less data, but also allow for a more interactive delivery of information. Lessons are easy to load via our WOVO LMS and downloadable for offline viewing, making it more accessible for low bandwidth users.

LASO & Friends act as the primary visual component to emphasize information shared in all our lessons. They are synonymous for the talking heads and on-screen guides who were designed to connect with learners, engage and motivate them too. They appear as actors in stories to explain relevant case studies and scenarios. They’ll also ask questions that check the learners’ understanding throughout the lesson quizzes.

In our lessons, LASO & Friends appear on slides with simple, intuitive navigations and interactions, thematic backgrounds and guided audio recording. Color hues and tones for each section have been carefully selected based on the eLearning color psychology recommended by experts and reinforced through our user-research to create a warm and nurturing space, prevent boredom and stimulate mental activity. LASO & Friends are also accompanied by descriptive and easy to digest iconography. The color hues and icons chosen hold a symbolic purpose to support a better and more inclusive learning experience for both literate and illiterate workers.

"I love LASO & Friends, every time I see one of the characters, I smile. A lot of the topics we address in our courses are heavy and difficult. LASO brings levity while still building trust and holding authority. It took a lot of hard work and user research to get here, I am proud of the outcome," said Sheila Schulze, Director of eLearning at Labor Solutions.

The pandemic has demonstrated the influential role eLearning holds in the future of our industry, “It was important for us to come up with a design approach that is not only inclusive and accessible for workers, but also scalable for our clients and partners” said Labor Solutions' CEO, Elena Fanjul-Debnam.

Outside of our eLearning courses, LASO & Friends will also appear in WOVO’s worker facing promotional materials and application manuals.

Get in touch with your Client Advisors to meet LASO & Friends directly through our eLearning demos and help us introduce them to your workers.

Labor Solutions, a social enterprise, leverages technology to engage and educate workers throughout supply chains. Over a million workers in 25 countries have access to Labor Solutions’ elearning platform, WOVO. The Labor Solutions team will digitize the content and focus on strategic deployment and implementation to ensure as many workers as possible are able to access the safety elearnings.

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