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Introducing Labor Solutions

In the midst of these ever-changing times, we are excited to share with you some news of our own. As of 2020, Labor Solutions has become an independent entity, separate from Workplace Options (WPO), the largest provider of employee well-being services globally. Labor Solutions was formed in 2013 as a branch of WPO to respond to a growing client need to extend services into manufacturing units in emerging markets. Growing within Workplace Options helped to shape Labor Solutions’ mission and gave us the foundation we needed to develop tools and services to foster worker wellbeing and engagement. We are immensely grateful for the guidance and resources that WPO provided along the way. By 2019, it became clear that the best way for us to serve our clients and partners was to establish an independent technology company, to provide us with the agility to scale and adapt our tech-centric solutions more efficiently.

As an independent entity, Labor Solutions continues to be dedicated to our mission to leverage technology to support worker engagement and well-being for minimum wage workers globally.

Whether you're looking to support your direct employees, or workers throughout your supply chain, the Labor Solutions' Worker Engagement Dashboard is an all-in-one platform, to engage with workers instantly and access powerful data. Our new, lean structure has already proven to be more effective. We were able to respond quickly to COVID- 19 and within a couple months of the pandemic spreading across the globe our team built a strong coalition of stakeholders to create and disseminated atun, a mobile application to support factory workers with useful information and resources during the pandemic.

We look forward to serving our existing clients and new clients alike with bolstered technical expertise and resources, as well as with some new tools and services that continue to make us the leader in worker tech.

Be sure to check out our new website at We look forward to working with you, Elena Fanjul-Debnam CEO, Labor Solutions


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