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Disseminating Information After Covid-19 Crisis in China: A Case Study

The Solution Overview

In this case study, the Labor Solutions team facilitated communication from factory managers to their workers using the WOVO platform. WOVO is an integrated mobile and web-based system that allows managers to send information to workers’ mobile phones via broadcasts and newsletters. Additionally, it provides worker voice and wellbeing tools that foster wellness and productivity, and gives management actionable data.


When Chinese footwear factory Dongguan Pouchen reopened as the number of COVID-19 cases subsided in China, it sought a way to inform its workers of the precautions they would need to take as they returned to work. The traditional channels of information dissemination – such as public announcements systems and notice boards – were either too limited, or weren’t ideal in light of new social distancing rules.


Pouchen used WOVO to send newsletters describing actions workers needed to take to protect themselves and their coworkers. These actions included properly using disinfectants, conducting or being prepared for more frequent workplace inspections, adhering to social distance guidelines, and wearing masks and other personal protective equipment where necessary. The WOVO mobile application allowed workers to view this content in a “dynamic and eye-catching” way, according to Pouchen, which helped ensure that workers would pay attention to it. Labor Solutions also provided Pouchen with images and content for the factory to send informative broadcast messages to workers.

Dianzhen Lin, Pouchen’s Human Resources Manager, said WOVO was essential for a smooth transition into the new normal. She added, “with WOVO we were able to quickly inform workers what was going to happen. The SMS accessibility of WOVO also allows companies to spread the word to those who do not own a smartphone, reaching basically everyone in the workforce.”


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