COVID is an Opportunity to Change the Way You Do Business & Support Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in enormous economic losses globally.

The manufacturing industry has been particularly hit hard, resulting in new challenges for already vulnerable workers.

Employers, who are facing unprecedent financial difficulties, could choose to turn away from workers, but instead, many have decided to double down their efforts to support their employees, creating safe and encouraging workplaces.

Seema Jalan, of the UN Foundation writes COVID has highlighted the benefits of supporting worker wellbeing, "companies are realizing that the health and well-being of their female workers is critical to building back long-term resilience," and the business impacts that come with it. Jalan notes that many companies have doubled down their efforts. Several global companies including; PVH, MAS and The Farida Group, committed to the UN Foundation’s Private Sector Action for Women’s Health and Empowerment during COVID, recognizing that now is not the time to cut spending on worker well-being and benefits.

Most of Labor Solutions' clients have also chosen to increase engagement with workers throughout COVID. Globally, clients have had over a 100% increase in utilization of Labor Solutions' tools year to year. And more and more of Labor Solutions' clients are choosing to proactively engage with workers, no matter if facilities are open or not.

Labor Solutions' CEO, Elena Fanjul-Debnam, says COVID is a catalyst for positive change in our industry, "our clients are recognizing that workers are scared and trust has to be rebuilt. But simultaneously employers are having to re-imagine workplace communication and training in a post-COVID world. It is becoming clear that technology and tools like WOVO and the Worker Engagement Dashboard, are the solution. Companies who are investing in workers now, have already seen the impact of their efforts. We know these rewards will only multiply over time."


Founded in 2013, Labor Solutions, a social enterprise, leverages technology to bring high quality worker engagement and well-being tools and services to minimum wage workers in emerging markets. Read more about Labor Solutions tools like WOVO and the Worker Engagement Dashboard at