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Corporate Compliance Amidst Constant Change

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A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights the snowball effect that trade wars, sanctions, executive scandals and consumer activism are having on corporate compliance departments. Given the frequency with which new risks are emerging, compliance officers are working increasingly more with other departments and third party organizations to stay a step ahead.

In terms of cultural compliance, forward-looking companies are taking a proactive approach in an effort to stave off likely threats. “Organizations are seeking novel ways to identify and address concerning trends before they turn into full-blown issues, as the traditional grievance box and ‘open door policy’ approaches are not sufficient,” explains Krystal Bouverot, Director of Innovation at Labor Solutions. “We developed WOVO for precisely this reason.”

WOVO is a mobile-phone based, worker wellbeing solution designed to help companies engage and communicate directly with employees with transparency. Featuring anonymous, two-way communication, WOVO provides employees and company leadership a private, confidential platform through which concerns can be shared and discussed in detail, without compromising employee anonymity.

In addition, organizations can pull analytics data from WOVO to help identify trends and potential flashpoints. Corporate leadership can view and respond immediately to data via WOVO’s online dashboard, an important feature when trying to get in front of workplace issues.

WOVO can also be used to facilitate employee surveys and deliver customized training.

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