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Meet the needs of workers, clients and regulators. 

Improve your Bottom Line.

At Labor Solutions we specialize in supporting employers of large groups of minimum wage workers in manufacturing, services, farming and mining settings.

We know employers in these settings face unique and specific challenges – from managing a dispersed workforce and high turnover rates, to dealing with issues of literacy and education to navigating ever changing demands from governments, regulatory bodies and clients. 


With COVID-19, daily management has become even more difficult. Our tools are here to help you manage, communicate and train your team while adhering to social distancing requirements.


At Labor Solution we focus on tools and services to help increase worker engagement to improve your company's resiliency.

Reduced Turnover

 33% more like to stay at their workplace


44% more likely to come back to work after a long holiday. 

Labor Solutions Social Compliance
Better Data

Better information helps you make change faster, prevent strikes and get ahead of problems.

Constant Contact

Always be in contact with workers.  Easily message all your workers, no matter where they are.  Our tools help you better manage crises and get workers back to work faster. 

Tools & Services for You 

 Worker engagement is an ongoing process, our tools and services are designed to help you and your team every step of the way.

Workers who feel their voice is heard at work are

4.6 times more likely to feel empowered

to perform at their best 

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