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Human Rights Metrics that Matter

Tools that Create Change.

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Our supplier ownership, empowerment + improvement approach, is not only scalable, but also allows companies to tackle the problem at the source + collect unparalleled data sets.

Direct Worker Engagement. 

Transformative & Transparent Data.

WOVO Highlights Leading Indicators to Help you Quickly Identify Issues

When Issues are Identified, Use WOVO Data to Dive Deeper + Pin-point Challenges. 



Do workers have the information they need to succeed personally + advocate for their rights?

Labor Solutions Case Studies


Do workers have free access to a grievance tool and do they have trust & confidence in management?



Would workers recommend the workplace to others?

wovo elearning data



Ensure workers + managers throughout your supply chain know their rights + responsibilities 

Choose from our existing lessons created with leading subject matter experts or create your own.


Either way, we ensure the experience is interactive for workers, reinforcing learning with quizzes along the way and incentivizing continuation with badge rewards.


Set clear targets for suppliers and track results on your analytics dashboard. 



Worker Dialogue + Grievance

Case Management System

Ensure workers have free access to a grievance tool + have trust & confidence in their  management

Connect is a supplier-owned grievance management system with global oversight.


Workers submit questions, suggestions and reports anonymously from their phones. Companies manage, sort and respond to messages from their WOVO Dashboard. 

Close the loop. Companies can also use connect to send newsletters, broadcast messages, handbooks and pay slips to workers 


Access live, secure data to track trends and understand challenges quickly directly from your WOVO Analytics Dashboard. 

Looking for a third party helpline-- check out Labor Line.

WOVO Connect


Worker Surveys

Proactively ensure workers are safe, trust management + have the tools they need.

Designed specifically for complex supply chains. Instantly build multi-lingual survey + send directly to workers whenever you want.


Design, deploy and get results from your survey on your WOVO Dashboard.

Use our industry-tested question bank,  templates or create your own.


Easily share data with stakeholders. 

Human Resource Tools

Live Actionable Global Analytics 

Global companies and stakeholders can aggregate and compare data from sites around the world in one place.

Real time data on worker sentiment & needs 

Drill down into specific problem areas

Clear Color-Coded Data Points to Quickly Identify Challenges

Share data with the stakeholders you choose.



Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Technology only works as well as the people who use it.  Our team of client advisors make sure that you maximize your impact

No matter which tools you choose, you’ll receive a bank of training and client advisory hours.

“Labor Solutions’ Client Advisors have had excellent knowledge and provided us with timely support to operate WOVO and respond to our workers’ needs.”

CSR Manager, Vietnam Samho Footwear

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