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Tech to Build Responsible, Resilient Value Chains

Improving Social Outcomes for Suppliers + Workers

In the Hands of More Workers than Any Other Tool in the Industry

2.25 M +

Workers Served

41 +


26 +


An Ecosystem of Tools for Accurate Data + Sustainable Change

Educate │Connect │Engage │ Improve

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To Prevent Issues

Digital Learning Modules for Value Chain Practitioners, Managers + Workers

One Access Point for Workers

to Connect, Learn, Engage + Report. 

One Platform for Suppliers

to Gather, Respond, Sort, Send + Manage Communication with Workers

One Dashboard for Brands

to Collect Data, Track Trends + Report Outcomes

Tech Designed For Each Stakeholders' Distinct Needs 

WOVO: One Tool to Do it All.

Anonymous, Multilingual + Accessible on Any Phone 

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Solutions-Driven Support

Value Chain Sustainability is Complex. We're Here to Help. 
Our Team of Experts are Innovative, Practical, Proactive + Impact Focused.  

Focus on Systems, Not Issues 

Our supplier engagement approach is solution-driven,
tools to be scalable + issues to be tackled at the source.

Sustainable Change + Unprecedented Transparency: 
Delivering Better Outcomes for All Stakeholders

An Impact Focused Company Founded, Owned + Managed by Women 

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